D.J. Swatski

Fiction Writer


My short stories reflect my views on Science Fiction, exploring my areas of interest, such as artificial intelligence, space exploration, alien contact, and especially, the wonder of discovery. My longer works cover Science Fiction and a Techno-Thriller. I endeavor to write engaging stories that convey knowledge. Readers can relate to my characters as they come to understand the far-reaching implications of science fiction concepts.

We learn best from stories. I sincerely hope to find homes for my stories because each has a message that I want to share. I hope that the enthusiasm of my readers and the recognition of the publishing community will deliver my stories worldwide and engage us all in our human quest to better ourselves, our world, and reach out to the challenges of the next frontier.

Douglas J. Swatski

October 20th, 2016

If You’re Reading This, You’re Dead, has been published  by

Aurora Wolf, April 1, 2013

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The Thousand-Year Machine, was published  by

Wulfstan's Literary Tumble, in Spring 2012

Spider Dreams, has been been published  by

4 Jupiter, in April 2011, Issue 32

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Aliens, has been published on the website,

10Flash, in the April 1st, 2011 issue

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Multi-Man, has been published on the website,
Bewildering Stories, in issue 429

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Nine Deadly Words, has been published on the website,
The Nautilus Engine, in the August 2010 issue,

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The Monster at Olympus Mons, has been published on the website, StoriesThatLift.com, read count 1594.

Just finished reading:

Killing Floor, Lee Child, 1997