D.J. Swatski



Wulfstan's Literary Tumble, The Thousand-Year Machine,

will be published  in March 2012

Mark Wollacott, Editor

Jupiter XXXII : Eurydome, Spider Dreams, page 16, Issue 32, April 2011

ISSN 1740-2069

Ian Redman, Editor

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10Flash, Aliens, April 2011

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Bewildering Stories, Multi-Man,

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The Nautilus Engine, Nine Deadly Words, August 2010

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Link to story no longer available, The Monster at Olympus Mons, November 2009
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Access VB  SQL Advisor Magazine; Automate the File Import Process; February 1996

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Town of North Andover, MA; Quick, Tell Me What I Need to Know About My Town’s Finance Committee, 2007