D. J. Swatski

About Myself


Douglas J. Swatski


North Andover, MA


Washington & Lee University

B.S. Business Admin & Accounting

University of Dayton School of Law, J.D.




Essex Writers' & Artists' Guild


Readercon 20 (2009)

Astronomicon 2009

Baltimore Area Writers’ Conference 2009



My career has spanned a variety of disciplines: accounting, law, computer science, graphic artistry, product management, and now, writing.

Lancaster, PA, where I grew up, naturally became the setting for some of my stories. I have travelled throughout North America and visited Europe on occasion. My interest in Science Fiction dates back to my childhood reading, some of which is captured on my Reading List page.

I attended college in Lexington, VA, and later graduate school in Dayton, OH. Then I worked in Lancaster before moving down to Maryland and settling in Columbia. I was able to pursue my interests in computer science through my work, which in turn brought me to the Boston, MA area with an Internet startup company.

I have always enjoyed exercising my imagination. I began capturing novel concepts in drawings many years ago (see the Artwork page), and now I have discovered that I can express my imagination through writing. I attempt to entertain foremost, but I always try to leave my readers knowing a little bit more than they did before.

I would especially like to thank my wife and number one editor, Janet, who encourages me nonstop, and secondly, thanks to the EWAG (see links in the left column), for their support and advice, and for accepting me as a member.